Balraj (Raj) Nijjar


Councillor Candidate for Ward 5

Election Day:  October 16, 2017.





" Your fiscally responsible choice"

“For Community, With Community”

I stand for a change!

To my Ward residents

My name is BALRAJ (RAJ) NIJJAR, and I am a candidate for councillor in your ward 5. I live, work, volunteer and worship in this ward.

I am happy to call ward 5 my home, and take great pride in raising two boys  Shehraj & Ekambir along with my wife Aman in the community of Skyview Ranch. I am currently serving as a Vice President on the Skyview Ranch community association. Over the last few years, I have been actively and passionately working on numerous community oriented initiatives in ward 5. I knocked on countless doors, not caring for the weather, to get signatures to divert flight path on the new runway. I worked tirelessly on the Metis Trail expansion. Most recently, I have been leading the team of parents to fight the Calgary Board of Education transportation cuts to yellow buses.

I strongly believes that kids are our future, and the choices we make today will have huge impact on their lives. My plan ensures that we provide them with a safe and healthy environment. I am committed to bring another multisport recreational facility in the North side of this ward and support the expansion of the Genesis Centre.

I support more affordable housing opportunities for all Calgarians. We must create healthy and livable communities. My plan includes focusing on Public Private Partnerships to create more affordable housing, providing better mortgage help, and mandated housing unit percentage towards affordable housing in new developments.

I understand that ward 5 is home to many hard working people along with young and middle class families. I will ensure that these families are enabled to prosper and build a stronger future for themselves.  Therfore, my plan includes holding the line on property taxes. I want to help families get ahead and make choices that matter to them. That’s why I want to work with them and ensure that they do not feel that odds are stacked against them.

Our strength lies in investing and growing locally, and our small business owners are a major catalyst to that. My plan includes strengthening small businesses that are responsible for creating an enormous prosperity in the city but especially in the ward 5. In my lifetime, government has only ever gotten bigger. I think there is a strong case for a smaller municipal government: more focused and agile, and better able to deliver value.

I want to ensure that city budgeting is as transparent as possible and not done behind closed doors.  All elected officials must be accountable to the citizens of this city. I will ensure that we have measurable goals for all city spending.

Please vote BALRAJ (RAJ) NIJJAR on October 16th so we can GET CALGARY BACK ON TRACK!
If elected, I want to work with our post secondary students to make their lives less burdensome. My plan includes reducing UPASS cost for students, work diligently with them to find more affordable housing options and provide East West transit connection to serve Ward 5 students better.
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