Balraj (Raj) Nijjar

Councillor Candidate for Ward 5

Election Day:  October 16, 2017.








“For Community, With Community”
To my Ward residents

  • Safer, Sustainable and Stronger Ward 5
  • Holding the line on the property taxes
  • Bring common sense back to the city hall
  • Accountability with measurable goals for city spending
  • Reducing red tape while enhancing the city services
  • Improving Transportation infrastructure for ward 5
  • Healthier families, businesses and employment in the ward

Ward 5 is my HOME. I am proud to live here, and raise my family like many other hard working residents of this ward. I am honest about the challenges we face in this ward, and therefore ask you to support me in getting elected as your councillor. I will be accountable to you and RESPECT FOR TAXPAYERS!​​
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